During 1993 concerned citizens of Pretoria-North, in liaison with churches in the area, identified the need amongst the poor of the community for the establishment of an organisation that can assist them with social, economical and spiritual development. As a result of this "needs-assessment", the Northern Pretoria Development Scheme (NPDS) was established as a joint church and community initiative.

Since the establishment of NPDS it has had a number of successes. Several families who were dependant on NPDS for subsistence have become self sufficient. NPDS has also succeeded in find employment for several unemployed people.

NPDS is solely dependent on donations by residents and churches, for example food, clothing and cash.

One project manager, five committee members and a number of volunteers are involved with the projects managed by NPDS.

NPDS is registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) with the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

The auditing firm Meintjies, Vermooten & Partners, is tasked with the management of the financial matters of NPDS.