Registration number: 033-038-NPO

  • Address:
  • 381 Eeufees Street
  • Pretoria-North
  • 0182

  • P.O.Box 16113
  • Pretoria-North
  • 0116

Office hours

Tuesday - Thursday 08h00 - 13h00


To uplift and provide support to the underprivileged, disabled, unemployed persons and families with children, within the Pretoria-North area, by means of special projects to bestow them with the necessary skills and render support to alleviate their material and spiritual needs.


  • Preparing and distribution of food parcels (2005) 955 p/a
  • Preparing of cooked meals (2005) 3101 p/a
  • Obtaining and distribution of baby formula/food.
  • Household equipment.
  • Managing a Playgroup for children.
  • Presentation of Life Skills lectures.
  • Convening of Bible Cell Group meetings.
  • Running handcraft workshops.
  • South African council on Alcohol(SANCA) also renders assistance.
  • Social workers of the Christian Social Board(CSB) also renders assistance.

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